This BBC newsreader just brilliantly summed up all of the UK’s problems in under a minute

Everyone is coming to terms with the unique and horrific level of terrible the UK is faced with at the moment.

We are no longer limited to just one crisis, with issues surrounding a potential no deal Brexit and soaring Covid-19 cases multiplying rapidly.

You wouldn’t think it’d be easy to communicate all of this information succinctly, but BBC Outside Source newsreader Ros Atkins manages to merge all of the information in less than a minute.

It seems people are thankful someone in the spotlight is able to reduce a terribly complicated and painful situation for many down to something more manageable. It has understandably gone viral since.

The segment begins as you would expect any BBC news broadcast to, before he goes all in, discussing travel bans, blocked Eurotunnels, and the new Covid-19 variant faster than some YouTube adverts take to finish.

"The new variant of Covid-19 is out of control, because of this over 40 countries have banned incoming flights into the UK. In addition, France has shut its border, hundreds of lorries are stuck, and there are warnings some fresh food supplies may be impacted within days."

"For now, this is a Christmas week wrapped in worry and uncertainty."

Ouch. Reality bites.

It’s unusual to see a reporter describing things in such bleak terms.

It got the attention of James O’Brien too.

This isn’t the first time Ros has opened his broadcast this way. A few days ago a similar clip went viral across the US where he summarised all of the problems featured in the latest election fallout.

The conclusion was solemn: “For better or for worse, this is not American democracy as people normally see it”.

It’s proof that simply stating the facts is sometimes all you need to get people to listen.

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