Fury as beachgoers flock to seaside and leave behind tonnes of rubbish

Fury as beachgoers flock to seaside and leave behind tonnes of rubbish

As temperatures rose in the UK, thousands of people who might have forgotten that there is still a deadly pandemic ongoing, flocked to beaches around the country and made a right old mess.

In disappointing pictures that have been widely circulated around the internet from beaches in Bournemouth, Brighton and Sunderland covered in tonnes of rubbish left behind by the beachgoers who really shouldn't have been there in the first place.

As you can imagine people are not impressed.

Both Brighton and Sunderland councils have issued statements about the litter condemning those who left behind the rubbish.

Meanwhile, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council leader Vikki Slade has urged people to stay away from the beach until lockdown measures are eased on 4 July. Speaking to Bournemouth Echo, she said:

This isn’t about telling local people they can’t go to the beach, this is the message we’ve been putting out there which is ‘we’re not ready for outside visitors because we can’t give you the full experience.’ 

Please stay away until 4 July and by that time the restaurants will be open, the attractions will be open, you’ll have more choice of where to go, the hotels will be open so you won’t be tempted to do illegal things like park where you shouldn’t and camp where you shouldn’t.

Beaches are not the only hotspots that people congregated on as the temperature skyrocketed. Parks around the country were also hit with a deluge of rubbish, leaving already stretched workforces with even more tasks to do.

Temperatures are set to have dissipated by the weekend meaning we are less likely to see these scenes repeated soon but there is still no excuse for this sort of behaviour.

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