The newest fitness trend: Drinking beer as you do yoga

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It's hard to keep up with yoga trends.

There's hot yoga, naked yoga, doga (that's dog yoga), aerial yoga, acroyoga, and even karoke yoga.

It's a workout of itself listing them.

But now, there's a new, very simple, yoga trend that anyone can get behind: drinking an ice cold beer while you work out.

The idea is believed to have emerged in Germany in 2016 where hipster Berliners sipped on some beer while doing downward dog.

Since, studios offering beer yoga classes have popped up all over the world, including in London, New York and Sydney.

Del Gigante, who runs a Beer Fit Club in New York, told Medical Dailythat her classes were "fitness for the rest of us."

She says:

It’s the least serious class you’ll ever take.

There’s literally no judgement.

Seems a bit counterproductive.

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