Ben Bradley’s apology to Jeremy Corbyn just surpassed Donald Trump in retweets

PA and Paul Waugh screengrab

Conservative MP Ben Bradley’s apology to Jeremy Corbyn for alleging the Labour leader had links with communist spies has been retweeted a lot.

In a now deleted tweet, Bradley made unsubstantiated claims about Corbyn’s interactions with a Czech agent posing as a diplomat.

He issued an apology, and pledged to donate “an undisclosed substantial sum of money to a charity of Jeremy’s choice, and [pay his] legal costs”.

I fully accept that my statement was wholly untrue and false.

The apology got a lot of people sitting up and taking notice. In fact, as of the writing of this article, it’s been shared a massive 52,438 times – surpassing even Donald Trump’s most retweeted comment for February.

You’ll remember, it was the one where Trump accused law enforcement officials of political bias. The post was shared 52,078 times.

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