Every Theresa May joke you missed from Jeremy Corbyn's speech

Every Theresa May joke you missed from Jeremy Corbyn's speech

A jubilant Jeremy Corbyn made his speech to the annual Labour conference today.

In addition to discussing housing, pledging to make everyone an organ donor, and mocking the Daily Mail, Mr. Corbyn also took the opportunity to poke some fun at his opponent Theresa May and the Conservative government.

Here are all of his jibes at the Tory party and Mrs. May.

On the Tory slogan 'Strong and Stable'

We are ready and the Tories are not. They are definitely not strong, and they are definitely not stable.

On the Tories' £1bn deal with the DUP

But this Tory government does have one thing we lack. They have tracked down the magic money tree.

It has been found. It has been to use. I’m not going to say good use. It’s been put to use. But when it was needed to keep Theresa May in Downing Street it was given a good old shake. And lo and behold we now know the price of power. It’s approximately £100m for each Democratic Unionist MP.

On the 'coalition of chaos'

During the election Theresa May told voters they faced a coalition of chaos. Do you remember that? Well now they’re showing us just exactly how that works…She’s got a coalition of chaos all around her cabinet table.

On allegations of pinching of Labour ideas

They seem to be cherry picking Labour policies instead, including on Brexit, so I say to the Prime Minister ‘We’re very generous, you’re welcome’.

On Mrs. May's decision to call an election

We wiped out the Tory majority,  winning support in every social and age group  and gaining seats in every region and nation of the country.

So please, Theresa May take another walking holiday and make another impetuous decision. The Labour campaign machine is primed and ready to roll.

On May's cabinet infighting over Brexit

To be fair, Theresa May’s speech in Florence last week did unite the cabinet. For a few hours at least. Her plane had barely touched down at Heathrow before the divisions broke out again.

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