People have noticed Ben Shapiro keeps sharing the same tired joke on Twitter.

Every year when Father’s Day or Mother’s Day comes round, Shapiro wakes up, takes a deep breath and sits down at his computer to own liberals with facts and logic.

Just kidding, he posts this lame joke instead…

Seriously, he makes it every single year.

Shapiro first shared the tweet back in 2014 when he started using it for Father’s Day, but apparently it’s so funny that it’s worth wheeling it out for both holidays.

Largely people aren't very impressed.

And are pointing out the sadness of Shapiro spending Mother’s Day thinking of ways to annoy liberals rather than thinking about his mum...

Maybe he’s just trying to take his mind off his brutal interview with Andrew Neil last week.

For anyone who missed it, the right-wing commentator found his debating skills embarrassingly lacking in a TV debate with Neil.

Shapiro got so wound up that he ended up accusing Neil (the editor of the UK's leading right-wing political magazine) of being "on the left" and stormed out of the interview.

But we're sure we'll be hearing about "Unspecified Gender Day" again this time next year...

As the old saying goes - nothing is certain in life but death and Ben Shapiro not being funny on Twitter.

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