Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro ridiculed for holding ‘accidentally’ progressive views

Prominent conservative commentator Ben Shapiro seems to actually hold some left wing views, accidentally – that is.

On Tuesday, newly-elected progressive congresswoman Cori Bush tweeted her stance on debt cancellation:

“It’s simple, really. We want to cancel student and medical debt because we believe education and healthcare are human rights.” In the midst of an intense discourse about the ethics of the immense debt racked up by young students as a consequence of the private education institution hierarchy her tweet sparked passionate debate.

Shapiro was happy to add to the conversation, saying sarcastically of Bush’s message: “Housing is a human right, too, I'd assume. So cancel all mortgage debt. Hell, why not also cancel credit card debt, since people tend to use credit cards for a lot of vital expenses? In fact, why not just relieve all debt? No downsides, right?”

While some people agreed with the notion “if I had to suffer through massive debt and interest payments, then so do you”, there was also an onslaught of mockery from progressives, as yes, Ben, housing is a human right… and this is what people should want.

“Absolutely,” writer Miles Klee commented on his post. Another person wondered, "What is the actual downside that he’s trying to get at?"

The post was also met with a rush of people tagging the notorious “accidentally left-wing” Twitter account, which has more than 150,000 followers.

The account portrays what's in its name: it points out when right-wing pundits accidentally show their views are progressive (whether ironically or not).

“Why do conservatives always threaten me with a good time?” one person wrote.

Even the Democratic Socialist of America got in on the fun, “Cancelling all debt and providing housing to everyone sounds good to us!”

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