Larry Sanders is the original Bernie Bro.

As primary season heats up, the brother of Vermont senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sat down with indy100 to discuss his brother's campaign and the future of the left. Larry, who lives in Oxfordshire in England, is the UK Green Party's spokesperson for Health and Social Care. But now the UK general election is out of the way, he's putting all his energy into getting the vote out for his brother.

The discussion covered numerous topics, from Brexit to healthcare and Bernie's infamous feud with Elizabeth Warren.

When asked which factors in the Sanders upbringing contributed to he and his brother being so politically active, Larry Sanders attributed much of their politicisation to one of history's most infamous dictators.

He said:

There were two very big political figures that marked our childhood. In many ways the dominant one was Hitler.

We were Jewish kids growing up in Brooklyn and we got some idea from listening to our parents about what was happening to our family in Poland and across Europe. So we always knew that politics was not a game.

Sanders also attributed the pair's political awakening to president Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, which responded to needs for relief, reform, and recovery following the Great Depression

It was a sign that life could be made better by an act of intelligent government, so we could get social security.

My father in particular had felt so insecure and he'd had a very uneasy life: coming to America without a penny, without English, never making a lot of money.

The idea that at the end of that, there was security, was enormous. 

Larry also discussed the future of the left in the UK, the differences and similarities between American and British politics and if America will ever be ready for socialism.​

If you're a Democrat living in the UK, head to Democrats Abroad to find out how you can use your vote during primary season.

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