Trump supporters brand Bernie Sanders a 'communist bum' and a 'loser' for calling for a free coronavirus vaccine

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Bernie Sanders is a big fan of free healthcare.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last four years, you’ll know that universal healthcare is Sanders' biggest passion. He lives for it.

So it’s little surprise that the Vermont senator and presidential candidate went on Twitter to make clear that, in the event that a coronavirus vaccine is made available, it should be free to all.

You’d think that most people would believe that healthcare is a human right and the idea of a free vaccine would be completely uncontroversial.

But of course, this is America we’re talking about. (You know, the land “of the free” where absolutely nothing is actually free).

Depressingly, Sanders has inundated replies by angry Americans who think that the vaccine shouldn’t be free. This seems pretty suspect seeing as we already know around 20 million Americans don’t have health insurance.

Sanders was called a "communist" for insisting that any future vaccine should be free.

Wow, nothing riles MAGA Twitter up quite like the suggestion that something should be free.

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