This might just be the best question ever asked at a Trump press conference
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Kayleigh McEnany normally has an answer for everything, but nothing could have prepared her for this question.

During Wednesday’s White House press conference, Trump’s press secretary was quizzed on coronavirus, healthcare and vaccine preparation.

But one question – albeit a very short one – stood out as one of the best questions ever asked at one of these conferences.

Kayleigh McEnany was asked by a reporter:

If he’s a ‘Law and Order’ president, why does he keep breaking the law?

The reporter behind the said question was Brian J Karem, the Whitehouse Reporter for Playboy. Yes, that Playboy.

On Twitter, he said he felt “compelled” to ask it.

Unfortunately, the question was asked as the press secretary was leaving the room.

Alas, she never answered the question. But most of us can probably guess the answer...

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