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The chances of us mere mortals ever seeing Beyoncéoutside the confines of a concert are slim to none.

Basically, she is a goddess and we aren't worthy of even breathing the same air as her, let alone walking in the same corridor.

Of course, sometimes the paths of humans and gods pass - and when they do, people generally react just like this woman.

The woman's amazing reaction was captured over the weekend as Beyoncé and Jay-Z headed out to the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala.

The image was shared by Beyoncé on her Instagram account in a montage of her weekend at the ceremony.

As you can imagine, the photo quickly went viral and everyone agreed that their reaction would have been the same.

Unfortunately, this image might be the only souvenir that Beyoncé and Jay-Z took home from the weekend, as they failed to win any of the categories they were nominated in.

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