This one sentence explains why you shouldn't feel too relaxed about Trump's election chances

Well, it’s almost here. Election day for the US presidential election is tomorrow.

Things are looking good for Joe Biden, as the majority of polls indicate that more Americans will vote blue. For example, the poll analysis website FiveThirtyEight, for example, predicts that Biden has a 90% chance of winning.

However, this doesn’t mean it’ll all be smooth sailing tomorrow.

Vox reporter Aaron Rupar gave a pretty terrifying analogy to show that we should still be worried about a possible Trump victory. The journalist tweeted that he believes the polling averages, but added that “if you told me there was a 1/10 chance someone left a bomb under my car I'd be pretty damn terrified before starting it”.

Honestly, that sums it up perfectly.

And many agreed.

So what does this all mean?

Even if it’s likely that Biden is going to win, that doesn’t mean we can relax and rest easy. Surprises can always happen – and a 10% chance of a Trump win still means there is a chance.

And who can forget the shock of the 2016 election? Hillary was ahead in early polls too, which proves that we can’t always trust them.

We can only hope that US voters learned their lesson and aren’t as complacent this time. Still, this election is very different from last time – voter turnout is expected to be higher than ever, as over 92 million Americans have already voted early.

We’ll see how accurate the polls are tomorrow.

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