126 bikers escort teenage girl who had been bullied to her prom

A bullied teenage girl in County Durham who was terrified of going to prom was treated to the perfect escort to quell any of her fears.

16-year-old Chloe Robson had been bullied since she was seven-years-old and was nervous about attending the end-of-year-event.

Since primary school, other pupils had teased Chloe for her looks and the way she spoke.

This escalated at secondary school where she was physically abused and had objects thrown at her.

Chloe said:

The bullying had a bad effect – it made me feel left out and alone.

I had no-one to talk to about it and worried if I said anything it would get around – it will have a long-term effect on me.

Not wanting to see his niece's evening be ruined by the careless actions of others, her uncle, Grant Robson stepped in to make her arrival unforgettable.

The 42-year-old, who runs the support group Bikes Against Bullies, got together with 126 other motorcycle enthusiasts and gave her prom car a convoy to her prom at Lumley Castle in Chester-le-Street.

The spectacular scene saw Chloe arrive in a cacophony of motorcycle engines, which left other-prom attendees in awe.

Chloe adds:

I was really nervous about going to the prom and the reaction I’d get.

It was a big shock when we heard the engines and all the bikers turned up – I wasn’t expecting that many but it made me feel supported and confident.

They were surrounding the car all the way there and then escorted me to the school then there was applause from teachers and the families of other students.

It was an indescribable moment – my friends all ran up and said “wow, that was an entrance.'

Chloe has now started to work with the support group, providing them with social media assistance and photography as well as raising awareness with parents.

Grant set up the group after riding with other bikers on similar supportive rides adds:

Many of the members of the group have experienced bullying either at school or at work.

I was bullied at school but when I was at school you just got a bit beat up but these days you have social media – the biggest bully in the world is Facebook.

I’ve seen some of the messages bullies send, things like 'I hope you stop breathing in your sleep.'

Chloe works with us now to raise awareness with parents because she’s been through it.

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