Billie Eilish has hilarious reaction to losing 100k followers after sharing drawing
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Billie Eilish has had a hilarious reaction after losing over 100,000 followers on Instagram after she posted a photo of a drawing of a woman’s nude body.

Eilish is a Grammy award winning pop singer who started her career when she was 15 – growing up in the public eye, Eilish has been outspoken about her struggles with her body image and her position as a young woman with an outsized level of fame. She’s also known for being close to her fans via social media – she has 73 million followers on Instagram and X on Twitter.

On Instagram earlier this week, Eilish started to post photos from her phone camera roll as part of a meme that lots of influencers have been doing – where people ask you to post photos of specific things, such as the last restaurant you ate or a photo from a specific date.

Someone asked Eilish if she could post a photo of a drawing that she’s proud of, and Eilish posted one of a woman’s boobs, saying “this one lol I love boobs”.

A fan noticed that Eilish lost almost 100,000 followers after she posted the drawing.

They posted the two screenshots side by side so anyone could see the difference. Eilish even shared the post to her own story and added a caption,

‘LMFAOOO y’all babies smh’.

Her fans thought it was funny - and that people were being ridiculous.

Eilish is currently working on a new album, and has confirmed that she has plans to put one out in the next year.

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