Billie Piper should not be trending because of Laurence Fox's sins

Billie Piper should not be trending because of Laurence Fox's sins
Laurence Fox's offensive attack on female journalist broadcast live on GB News
GB News

X/Twitter users have issued a polite reminder that women are not responsible for their exes' actions after Laurence Fox's "totally unacceptable" remarks about political correspondent Ava Evans.

No sooner had Fox's Tuesday night tirade aired on GB News than his ex-wife Billie Piper began trending on the platform – the same way Katy Perry previously became the topic of conversation after the string of Russell Brand allegations.

Evans shared a snippet of the actor-turned-pundit's stomach-churning rant, writing: "Laurence Fox just did a whole speech on GB News on why men apparently won’t shag me ?"

During his misogynistic rampage, the father-of-two yelled: "Show me a single, self-respecting man that would like to climb into bed with that woman… ever… ever."

"That little woman has been spoon-fed oppression day after day after day, starting with the lie about the gender pay gap," he continued. "She's sat there, and I'm going like, if I met you at a bar and that was like sentence three, chances of me just walking away are just huge."

Ending his monologue he described "feminist 4.0s" as "pathetic and embarrassing," before asking: "Who'd want to shag that?"

Piper, who was married to Fox for eight years, became a Twitter talking point following the outburst, with fans jumping to her defence.

One supporter wrote: "When I see Billie Piper trending my brain automatically goes 'what has that waste of space of an ex-husband of hers done now' and that's kinda sad, cause she's a great actress who should be talked about for more than her unfortunate marriage to an asshole."

Another added: "Billie Piper is gorgeous and clever and an ambassador for Refuge, those are the reasons she should be trending."

Meanwhile, a third tweeted: "I feel sorry for Billie Piper, every time she's trending you just know it's just because that w**kpuffin of an ex-husband has been a weapons-grade f**kronaut again."

GB Newshas since launched an investigation into Fox's GB News remarks.

In a statement posted to X, GB News said: "Comments made tonight on GB News by Laurence Fox were totally unacceptable.

"What he said does not reflect our values and we apologise unreservedly for the comments and the offence they have caused.

"We have launched an investigation and will be apologising to the individual involved."

In a message to Evans on X, host Dan Wootton said: "I think you’re brilliant… I apologise for what was said during the course of my show and should have done this immediately on air.

"This is not what our channel is about."

Fox and Ofcom have been approached for comment.

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