Woman accused of racially abusing bouncer in viral video is bailed and barred from Birmingham

Woman accused of racially abusing bouncer in viral video is bailed and barred from Birmingham

A woman who was arrested on suspicion of racially abusing a security guard after a video went viral has been released on bail but barred from Birmingham as the investigation continues.

The clip, which quickly swept social media, appears to show a young woman shouting abuse at a bouncer after he denied her entry to Wetherspoons in the Broad Street area of the city.

The doorman, named as Tristan Price, was working as a security guard when the woman tried to pass him and shout for her friend who was inside.

When he refused to let her in, she then appears to go into an abusive rant, throwing racist insults at him, calling him the n-word and other racial slurs, and spitting in his direction.

The doorman, who is employed by an outside agency, posted about the shocking incident on Instagram with a clip of the events that unfolded. The clip has been viewed millions of times on the doorman’s Instagram and has also been shared widely on other social media sites.

He wrote: “I haven’t been doing security for years like some, but in the short time I’ve been doing it I’ve seen and been through pretty much anything there is to see and go through whilst doing the job.

“This however, is something I, or anyone who looks like me shouldn’t have to go through. There was a time I’d go through things like this and brush it under the carpet but them times are over. Share and find out who this is.”

One user replied: “my jaw dropped wtf.” Another showed their support for the doorman, writing: “Disgusting behaviour from her absolutely vile. You didn’t deserve that mate.”

A 24-year-old woman was arrested on Monday on suspicion of racial abuse after she attended a police station at the request of West Midlands Police, according to a statement from the force.

She was also held on suspicion of racially abusing another man, who was stood near the pub entrance, and earlier damaging furniture inside the premises.

The woman was released on bail on Tuesday. One of her conditions is that she is not allowed to enter Birmingham. The force said it was continuing to gather witness evidence before handing a file to prosecutors.

Speaking about the incident, Price, 26, said he wanted justice to be served.

He told the Birmingham Mail: “I don’t want to bring trouble to her door but this behaviour needs to be called out. It is completely unacceptable.

“People have killed themselves because of the racial abuse they suffer, and we can’t be silent about it. I have had a knife pulled on me while at work, which was pretty shocking. But this was worse, it affected me more because it was so vicious.”

Someone purporting to be the woman in the video issued an apology and a lengthy statement about the incident on Instagram on Monday, but the account was later set to private and it is unclear if it was the woman in question.

Meanwhile, the woman’s grandmother told the Sun Online that the woman regretted her actions and “is definitely not a racist.”

The regional manager of JD Wetherspoon, Heath Curley, praised the doorman for acting “calmly”.

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