Video shows white woman launch into a random racist attack on a Black jogger

Footage has emerged of a completely random racist attack on a Black woman while she was jogging in New York City.

The incident is said to have happened on 17 August but the victim didn't report it until footage of the attack surfaced online.

37-year-old Tiffany Johnson was jogging in Queens near 53 Place and Broadway when she crossed paths with an unknown white woman who yelled something at her and threw a glass bottle in her direction which shattered on the floor.

Johnson initially appears startled but unhurt and carried on her run. Johnson has since told NBC New York that the woman was shouting racist abuse at her and tried to pursue her after she had run off.

I don't like to have that type of energy around me, so I was like OK, I just need to get away from her, and to me walking away was the easiest way of doing that. She did follow me, kept pursuing me.

People saw it, people were getting upset, somebody even threw a bagel in her direction. It was scary, I didn't want to see anyone get hurt, I just left. 

At the time, I just wanted to move on with my life and forget it ever happened. I was glad it got caught (on video) and I could take it to the police.

According to locals the woman is known to them and is said to live nearby. If she ever encounters her again, Johnson said that she would stand up to her racism.

I would definitely say to her, 'I'm not the N-word. Nobody is the N-word. She needs to do some soul searching as to why she needs somebody to be that because that's not what I am, that's not who we are

The New York Police Department is now appealing to anyone who might have information about the attacker and the incident in the footage as part of their investigation. Those with information can contact the Crime Stopper hotline on 1-800-577-TIPS.

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