This couple celebrated their wedding at a Black Lives Matter protest

Protesters in Philadelphia saw something unusual this weekend as they marched.

Around the US, protests around police brutality and violence have spread after the death of George Floyd, a black man, at the hands of police officers.

Over the last week, protests have swelled to thousands of participants around the world, in various cities. In Philadelphia, a couple got married – or at least celebrated their wedding – on the protest route over the weekend.

Footage posted on Twitter of the end of the wedding showed the couple in their formal clothes, surrounded by protesters chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ and holding signs.

The couple have since been identified as Dr.Kerry-Anne Perkins and Michael Gordon of Philadelphia, who actually tied the knot at a hotel nearby.

They had postponed the massive party they were throwing for their wedding to next year, but had decided to go ahead and have the ceremony this weekend.

They realised closer to the time that the protest would go by where they were, but they didn’t realise that they would be caught in the middle. They ended up stepping outside as protesters walked by, who cheered for the couple.

Kerry-Anne told ABC News, “It ended up being a very powerful moment.”

“Not only are we feeling the movement of the people ... but I'm meeting my husband, on our wedding day, as a strong black man and a good representative of who we are as people, what our men are like, what our culture is like. It was just a very, very empowering moment for us considering all of this is happening at one moment in one time.”

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