Heartbreaking clip shows lone BLM protester being harassed by strangers
Ryley Wigglesworth / Twitter

Black Lives Matter protests around the world have often numbered in thousands.

But a video from a town called Bethel, Ohio, shows how some protests aren’t that big at all – and why it can end up leading to harassment and abuse.

This clip, which was posted on Twitter, shows a teenage girl walking around her town with a sign that says Black Lives Matter.

Throughout the clip, men who are obviously larger than her, and other strangers, harass her physically and verbally, while other people look on.

Ryley Wigglesworth, the person who is in the video and who posted the Twitter thread about her experience, had found out that there was an ‘All Lives Matter’ protest happening in her town, and decided to counter protest.

A video shows her doing so – and then a group of men rips the sign from her hands and pushes her.

She comes back later with another sign, and men continue to harass her on the street for doing so. She’s the only counter protester, and no one steps in to help her or even to show their support.

In the video, police can be seen looking at both incidents and not intervening. Wigglesworth isn’t a minor, but she is much smaller than the people who are trying to intimidate her.

In another video, a police officer can be seen directing Wigglesworth away from the protests – rather than taking any action against the men in the video.

Other tweets – after the protest – show that Wigglesworth’s sign was ripped by a man who was later identified by other people on Twitter.

At another counter protest on Thursday, another Black Lives Matter rally was overwhelmed by the biker gang that seemed to have been involved in harassing Wigglesworth.

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