Michael Bloomberg has been accused of releasing doctored footage of Wednesday's Democratic debate which intentionally makes the other candidates appear speechless.

The debate in Las Vegas, Nevada saw the controversial Bloomberg attacked from all sides, with a comment from Elizabeth Warren proving to be particularly scathing.

In what could be perceived as an attempt to save face, Bloomberg released a moment from the debate where his opponents appeared speechless after he asked if any of them had set up a successful business as he had.

The truth of the matter is that this didn't happen in the slightest. After Bloomberg asked the question he paused for a brief second before going on to recite his history on Wall Street.

Although this is clearly an attempt at satire from Bloomberg's team it has received a lot of criticism on Twitter, with many accusing him of borrowing straight from Donald Trump's playbook.

In a statement given to Huffington Post, a spokesperson from the Bloomberg campaign said:

It’s tongue in cheek. There were obviously no crickets on the debate stage.

Twitter has announced that from 5 March, labels will be added to tweets that are deemed to feature 'synthetic or manipulated media,' a category that Bloomberg's tweet would fall into.

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