Boa constrictor found hiding in Florida man’s sofa
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A Florida man got an almighty shock when he discovered a boa constrictor snake hidden inside his brand new couch.

The man had bought the new piece of furniture just days before making the discovery.

Luckily, he happened to spot the snake slithering into the sofa, and contacted his local emergency services.

Officers from the Clearwater Police Department attended and removed the furniture from the man’s apartment before attempting to get the snake out.

In a post on the police department’s Facebook page, they explained: “A resident at Marilyn Pines calls this afternoon because he’s got a snake in his condo and it’s hiding in his couch.

“Officers carry the couch outside and find the red tail boa deep inside the couch. They then carefully extracted it from its hiding place.

“It was easily 5 feet long and was taken to a local pet store after being plucked from the couch.”

They added that the resident believed the snake must have already been inside the couch when it was delivered to his home.

In images posted by the police department, the officers who attended the scene can be seen holding the boa constrictor that was recovered.

At 5ft long it is considered small, as the species can grow up to 18 feet and live for as long as 25 years.

While the species is native to Central and South America, the snakes are believed to have been introduced to Florida in the 1970s.

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