Australian politician launches bizarre rant about female rugby referees

Australian politician launches bizarre rant about female rugby referees

Bob Katter is an Australian politician and the kind of man who undoubtedly takes pride in being considered something of a “character”.

Everything you need to know about the man is neatly encapsulated by the fact that in 1964, during a Beatles tour of Australia, Katter pelted the band with eggs as “an intellectual reaction against Beatlemania”. He was a university student at the time.

The politician does not support same-sex marriage and is frequently described as a “maverick” by the media. This week he was invited onto the Today Showand asked about the first female Australian rugby league referee, Belinda Sharpe, making her debut. He began by relating a story about attending a game in 2014 where he was disappointed with the man in the middle’s performance:

He was a sheila, there was no doubt about it. I kept shouting from the stands , 'You sheila, you bloody sheila.'

Katter continued to baffle the television hosts when he started to talk about his own time playing the game:

I can't help but make the comment if you looked at photos of me when I was much younger I was very handsome but now my nose droops and goes sideways and one of my eyebrows droops.

We don't want women playing football because they'll have a nose like mine - and if you're not playing football it's a bit hard to see how you could referee properly.

The presenter, Allison Langdon, clearly stunned, simply replied: “I’m just going to say OK.” She left it there and so will we.

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