Boris Johnson suggests crowdfunding £500,000 to make Big Ben bong on Brexit Day


There are a lot of things in this country worth donating your money to right now.

Food banks, human rights causes and people experiencing homelessness and poverty to name a few. Last on the list, unless you're just not that fussed about the above, is probably Big Ben.

More specifically, making Big Ben bong on Brexit Day.

Brexit is fast approaching and will be with us (allegedly) on January 31. Some people are, apparently, very excited and want to celebrate. But they don't just want any celebration – they want Big Ben, which has been shrouded in scaffolding since 2017, to do some bongs for us.

According to Boris Johnson, the bongs are very expensive – half a million pounds. Unwilling to cover the cost himself, or have the government pay for it, he's suggested crowdfunding.

Speaking in riddles to BBC Breakfast, he said, "'We are working up a plan so people can bung a bob for a Big Ben bong".

Naturally, people on Twitter are very confused by the whole situation. It's unclear so far just how successful the Big Ben crowdfund will be if it comes about.

There are already several Go Fund Me pages live for Big Ben's Bongs, but at the time of writing, literally nobody seems to have donated to any of them.

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