People think that a librarian trolled Boris Johnson with a hilarious arrangement of books

On Wednesday evening, Boris Johnson delivered a live speech to school students across the country as they returned to the classroom following the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking from a library at an East Midlands school, Johnson spoke about the new restrictions that have been put in place to stop the spread of Covid-19 and ease any worries about going back to school.

The speech was nothing particularly special although he did call the debacle of exam results 'a mutant algorithm' which was interesting. He also questioned if Harry Potter was 'sexist' which seemed completely random and in his estimation it wasn't.

However, the prime minister wasn't the one everyone was talking about but it was whoever had arranged the books behind Johnson.

Eagle-eyed viewers of the speech noticed that many of the books might have been making a very subtle comment on the prime minister and the government. The books arranged on the top shelf directly behind Johnson, from left to right, were as follows:

The Subtle Knife, Fahrenheit 451, Betrayed, The Resistance, The Toll, Crisis Point,Glass Houses, and The Twits.

Some of these titles don't require much reading into but there is Fahrenheit 451, a dystopian novel where books are banned and burnt which thankfully hasn't come to life just yet.

Many of these book titles were soon trending on social media where people were happy to give a big virtual pat on the back to the librarian for a masterful bit of trolling.

Trolling or not, it would have taken one of the great authors to have foreseen the events of the past few months.

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