The BBC's Europe editor just fact-checked Boris Johnson supporters in the best possible way

Sirena Bergman@SirenaBergman
Monday 09 December 2019 18:00

When the BBC's Europe editor sends out a eight-part Twitter thread about Brexit, we listen. Especially when it's a savage takedown of one of Boris Johnson's key campaign messages.

Katya Adler has just done just that, explaining exactly why the implication that Johnson got the EU to renominate a Brexit deal thanks to his powers of persuasion is wrong. Inn fact, he did so by essentially going back on his word that he would not allow a customs border to divide the island of Ireland.

She went on to explain that realistically, he will likely only be able to get his Brexit deal through if he further U-turns on his promises and gives up the "control" he promised he'd "take back".

Here's the thread:

It's a good lesson in remembering to actually question the narratives we're fed by partisan figures, whose interest it's often in to avoid addressing the downsides of their so-called successes.

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