Boris Johnson refused to speak on his burka comments and instead served journalists tea. The internet reacted accordingly

Boris Johnson has continued to duck questions over his controversial comments last week about women wearing burkas.

In a move that is seemingly typical to Boris, the former foreign secretary compared women who wear the Muslim face veil to letterboxes, which prompted outrage from a lot of the public and even from within the Conservative Party.

You'd assume anyone would come out and apologise after saying such heinous things but, no, apparently because we live in a truly awful society, a posh white man like Boris Johnson can outright ignore the backlash.

When given a chance over the weekend, he timidly emerged from his home - which, at the time, was being staked out by journalists - to offer no apology or comments on what he said, but instead served mugs of tea and have the press literally eating (well, drinking) out of his hands.

What a charming fellow this Boris is, you might think - yes sure, but only if by charming you mean utterly offensive.

Despite being asked if he 'regretted his comments', all he could muster was this pathetic response:

I have nothing to say about this matter except to offer you some tea.

The gesture - whether genuine or tongue-in-cheek - has lead to some truly great and scathing responses online.

The Muslim Council of Britain is expected to tell prime minister Theresa May that the investigation launched by the Conservative Party into Mr Johnson must not be a “whitewash”.

In the week before Johnson’s comments, the campaign group Tell Mama reported no incidents against women wearing a niqab.

But women wearing the niqab were targeted on 8 August in London, followed by another three incidents the next day.

“This is what language does,” Tell Mama said. “It does not fence off actions in the minds of perps but means identifiable Muslim women are also affected."


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