As far as British politicians go, there are few people more divisive than Boris Johnson.

The Brexit-backing former foreign secretary, who was once described as "Donald Trump with a thesaurus", took to Twitter over the weekend to post an unusually wholesome video of himself with a cheetah. Taken at Howletts Animal Park, Johnson said that he visited the park to research a newspaper column on a charity that helps endangered species.

Given Johnson's role in Brexit, it's fair to say that there's no love lost for him - particularly among the 48 per cent who backed Remain in 2016. Sat so close to a potentially deadly animal, the internet had a field day with the video.

Many people suspect that Johnson switched his political allegiance to back Brexit for career reasons. Adding further fuel to the fire, investigations are ongoing into allegations of misinformation spreading and spending violations by various pro-Brexit campaigners.

With this in mind, the jokes practically wrote themselves...

Things even took a slightly darker turn...

Though others praised Johnson, calling him "brave".

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