Boris Johnson asked a psychic who would win the election. It didn’t end well.

Twitter/Screengrab/ITV News

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was meeting the residents in Plymouth in the latter stages of the 2017 general election campaign on Wednesday.

He paid a visit to 'Gipsy Acora' and asked for a prediction for the election result.

The man, who we believe to be Gipsy Acora, was the first to answer, and didn't muck about:

I think Labour.

Boris was unhappy with this answer and asked his companion for her official prediction.

She replied that she wouldn't be giving him an answer, pointing out this was how she made a living.

You're having a laugh.

You're taking away my pension and then my rights and then you come and ask me for something for nothing.

The ITV News clip has been prominently shared on Twitter:

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