Elections can be fraught affairs, can’t they?

Things are said, promises are broken and political asides are made. But 2019’s election took things to a whole new level. Voters were asked to choose between two leaders with hugely different visions for the country.

Ultimately, more voters went for Johnson’s vision, handing him victory and a big majority while Labour had its worst result in decades.

As the dust settles on what feels like a seismic shift, parliament has re-opened.

The parliamentary procession to the House of Lords saw the two men come face to face for the first time since the election.

And, wow, it was awkward. Really, really awkward.

Online, people noticed the distinct lack of small talk between the two.

The BBC's Laura Kuenssberg said that it looked as though Corbyn was "determined" not to speak to the PM and that he'd rather be "anywhere but here".

And people weren't happy that Corbyn appeared to blank him...

But, on the other hand, it doesn't look like Johnson spoke to Corbyn either.

After a brutal general election campaign, maybe they're all talked out?

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