Boris Johnson's disastrous handling of coronavirus is being turned into a TV drama and people have a lot of thoughts

They say that art imitates life, but there are certain aspects of life that it's hard to imagine being particularly appealing recreated as art.

Once such example is basically... the whole of 2020.

But it seems Michael Winterbottom didn't get the memo, because it was announced yesterday that he is set to direct a TV drama about Boris Johnson's handling of the coronavirus crisis.

To be fair, the drama does kind of write itself, but would anyone really want to spend their free time reliving this hellscape?

Hard to imagine.

Immediately, people started imagining what such a film might be called.

And who might be cast in the leading role was also a point of conversation.

People wondered how fiction could possibly be stranger than real life.

And lots pointed out that if something on the topic is going to be televised, we could do better.

Sounds like it could be an interesting one after all...

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