On Wednesday, Boris Johnson’s former adviser Dominic Cummings released screenshots of WhatsApp conversations that he had with the prime minister where he described Matt Hancock as “f**king hopeless.”

In a series of posts that Cummings shared on Twitter and his blog, he and Johnson purportedly had several discussions about what they could do to stop the spread of coronavirus in the UK with Cummings being particularly critical of Hancock, a sentiment apparently echoed by Johnson.

The seriousness of the claims from Cummings could have serious ramifications in the government - but people couldn’t help but over analyse the messages between the pair.

Although Cummings, perhaps unsurprisingly, seems prone to sending essay-length messages, Johnson, in comparison, texts like a teenager and not a head of state.

Needless to say, people were more interested in talking about the PM’s texting habits than the actual content of the messages.

Cummings’ inability to take a screenshot on his phone also rankled a few people.

Johnson’s three missed calls also tickled a few people.

Tabloid Daily Star possibly won the contest for the best headline in relation to this story.

On a slightly more serious note, Hancock responded to the claims that he is “hopeless” with serious conviction by saying: “I don’t think so.

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