The name of Boris Johnson's new dog translates into English as 'follow'

The name of Boris Johnson's new dog translates into English as 'follow'

In perhaps the most unlikely news coming out of Westminster today, Boris Johnson has welcomed a new puppy into Downing Street.

The Jack Russell pup has been adopted from the 'Friends of the Animals Wales' shelter in Rhondda and has been immediately moved into Number 10 to live with the prime minister and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds.

The arrival of the pooch prompted a lot of bleak speculation about the animal being a potential distraction for Brexit and also saw people trying to guess what it would be called.

Well, the waiting game is now over as Symonds has confirmed that the Dog will be called Dilyn, a very Welsh name for a very Welsh dog.

Now we are not going to get into the spelling of the dog's name as that would be disrespectful for our Welsh readers and who may be reading and also be called Dilyn.

However, a quick Google translate of the name from Welsh to English reveals something very interesting. Dilyn means 'follow.'

Picture:Picture: Google

Whether Johnson and Symonds genuinely like the name or are trying to subtly imply something quite worrying to the rest of the nation is open to interpretation but it has definitely captured the nation's imagination.

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