Boris Johnson says he’s ‘utterly fed up’ of nice young people talking about climate change and people are not happy

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Boris Johnson says he’s ‘utterly fed up’ of nice young people telling him about their opinions on climate change.

That’s Boris Johnson, who gets paid £275,000 a year to write a weekly column on his opinions.

In his latest article, Johnson has said he agrees with Extinction Rebellion protesters that something needs to be done about climate change but asks them, could they please do it somewhere else?

You know what young people are like – they’re all about caring for the environment and protecting immigrants.

Why can’t they be more like Brexit loving Boris?

Johnson’s main argument seems to be that the UK doesn’t pollute as much as China so we must be fine, right? It's someone elses problem.

Why don’t the protesters go and complain in China?

Well, for one thing, they don’t live there… and also that's fundamentally not how climate change works.

And two - protesting in China tends to be a risky tactic…

The response to Johnson’s article was as brutal as usual from the internet.

Somehow, Johnson still has a huge lead against his rivals for the next Tory leadership election.

He currently has 32 per cent of the support from Conservative activists, well ahead of Dominic Raab (15 per cent) and Michael Gove (8 per cent), according to a ConservativeHome survey.

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