On his final day of the campaign trail, Boris Johnson chose to spend his morning pretending to be a milkman, delivering bottles to people who may or may not have been expecting the prime minister.

Before that, he was at a milk depot in Yorkshire where members of the media had assembled to try and speak to the prime minister.

Those included a reporter from Good Morning Britain who attempted to get Johnson to talk to Piers Morgan, one of the notable broadcasters that the PM has been trying to avoid.

To try and avoid what was guaranteed to be a grilling from Morgan, Johnson was scuttled off into an industrial-sized fridge, with one of Johnson's aides also swearing at the reporter for his attempt at an impromptu interview.

The absurdness of the story and the prime minister's brazen attempt to avoid scrutiny has seen the prime minister ruthlessly roasted on social media and the memes are quite incredible, largely thanks to the #fridgegate hashtag.

Here are some of our favourites.

Even the Tories own memes have been used against them.

We say this a lot, but it is literally like a scene from The Thick of It.

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