People are questioning whether this Boris Johnson campaign visit was a total surprise

People are questioning whether this Boris Johnson campaign visit was a total surprise

Before he was hiding from the media in fridges this morning, Boris Johnson was out in Yorkshire, delivering milk in the early hours of the morning in a final bid to appear like a real human being to voters.

But social media has quickly become suspicious of an apparently spontaneous encounter that was captured by Johnson’s press team and the UK’s media.

A video showing Johnson “surprising” Debbie Monaghan, of Guiseley, Leeds, with her morning milk is starting to face accusations of staging.

“Hi good morning,” says Monaghan – reported to be a civil servant – upon opening the door sounding nonchalant about the fact the prime minister of the United Kingdom is standing outside sweatily clutching her milk delivery.

I didn’t realise there was going to be this many people.

She and her husband Mark – both Conservative voters, a happy coincidence as theirs was the only house Johnson stopped by in the area – had a short exchange with the PM.

It did not include any questions about stealing the phones of journalists to avoid looking at pictures of sick children without hospital beds, or not turning up to his own hustings. How fortuitous.

As Telegraph journalist Michael Deacon pointed out, Monoghan's initial remark suggests she may have had an inkling of the visit before it occurred.

“[Her words] slightly weakens the impression that this is a spontaneous visit to a random member of the public,” he tweeted.

“Lesson for next election campaign: set up an autocue in their front garden,” Deacon concluded.

Reports by local outlets reveal that two bottles of milk already outside Monoghan’s house were also removed before the PM stopped by.

Mark Monoghan still claimed to be caught off guard by the visit, however.

“It’s a surprise," he told the PA news agency, who were able to get lengthy quotes from the couple.

It’s very early, I assume he’s travelled a long way but I’m going to vote Conservative so I'm quite pleased.

Pleased and very surprised. Because it was a big surprise! And not staged at all! Definitely!

The election rolls on.

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