Liverpool fans chant 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' during Champions League match

Jeff J Mitchell/ Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Football and politics aren't always the best of bedfellows but we've started to see a noticeable change in the past few weeks.

Whether it's players like Raheem Sterling encouraging others to register to vote or Gary Neville accusing Boris Johnson of spreading racism, stars from the sport have started to voice their opinions, rather than shy away.

This continued on Tuesday night, not from players but the terraces as Liverpool fans appeared to break out in a chant, supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

During the Reds 2-0 win of RB Salzburg in the Champions League, supporters could be heard shouting the now iconic 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' chant. Or at least it sounded like that.

TV cameras picked up the sound of the chant on the 85th minute when Liverpool were already in a comfortable lead, as Jurgen Klopp's team claimed the top spot in their group.

The footage soon went viral and was even shared on Twitter by Labour candidate Laura Pidcock, with many fans of Liverpool and other clubs delighted to hear those who made the trip to Austria supporting Labour.

This is far from the first time that Liverpool has shown partizan support for Corbyn and Labour. Over the years they have unveiled banners supporting the party and its goals at their home ground of Anfield.

Corbyn has previously been asked his thoughts on the banners and songs at Liverpool, which he called 'amazing.'

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