Mohammed Amin, the chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum, has compared Boris Johnson to Adolf Hitler, before attacking the leadership forerunner for his relationship with the truth.

Appearing on BBC Radio 4 Today, the Muslim leader said he would quit the Tory Party after being a member for a number of years if Boris was elected.

He told the programme: “There are many horrible people who have been popular. Popularity is not the test. The test is, ‘Is this person sufficiently moral to be prime minister?’ And I believe he [Boris Johnson] fails that test."

The host reminded Amin that Tory MPs gave the former foreign secretary 114 votes. “They think he’s certainly the right man to sort out Brexit for this country,” she said.

“A lot of Germans thought that Hitler was the right man for them,” Amin retorted.

Presenter: “That’s a very shocking comparison to me.”

“Yes. I’m not saying Boris Johnson wants to send people to the gas chambers, clearly he doesn’t, he’s a buffoon,” the chairman clarified.

He, as far as I’m concerned, has insufficient concern about the nature of truth for me to ever be a member of a party that he leads.

People online are inclined to agree with his take on Johnson's character

Amin’s scathing words come after Johnson won 114 votes in the first round of Conservative party votes, taking the lead and coming one step closer to being prime minister.

As a result, many people have criticised the Tory party for the votes, arguing that Johnson has a history of lying, has used racist language in the past to describe black people and called Muslim women who wear the niqab “bank robbers” and “letterboxes.”

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