Tory MP Mark Francois is no stranger to doing and saying some pretty strange things.

Just yesterday he said the “country will explode” if the UK doesn’t leave the EU on October 31.

Then there was the time an anti-Brexit protestor that he was signing their “death warrant”, or when he basically inferred trashing Britain’s car industry was no biggie as long as it was our decision.

Now Francois has popped up in his constituency of Rayleigh dressed as a policeman. To be more precise, it appears he’s standing outside a local pub dressed as a copper - complete with stab-proof vest.

Yes, really.

It’s not exactly clear why he’s dressed this way. There was a post on the MP's website which said he was meeting with local police, but this doesn't explain his choice to dress like one.

Nevertheless, Twitter found it rather amusing.

Essex police were even forced to clarify that Francois is not a police officer.

indy100 contacted Francois to ask why he felt the need to dress like the police while accompanying them on patrol. So far he hasn't responded.

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