Boris Johnson didn’t turn up to his own hustings… But Count Binface did

Boris Johnson didn’t turn up to his own hustings… But Count Binface did

Boris Johnson’s election campaign will probably be remembered for what he didn’t do, rather than what he did.

For a man whose entire political career has depended on the sustained and determined courting of the spotlight, his absence from it has been notable over the last six weeks.

He’s skipped all but two debates with the vim of a 15-year-old producing a blatantly forged note from their parents to get them out of an hour of PE – at one point even sending his actual dad to try and replace him in Channel 4’s climate debate.

Plus, he left BBC and Andrew Neil (even more) red-faced than usual after refusing to take part in the customary pre-election leaders’ interviews.

Then video emerged this morning of Johnson choosing the dignified option of hiding in fridge rather than answer the tough questions posed by… Good Morning Britain.

So did anyone really expect the prime minister to face accountability at the hands of his own constituents, a demographic that seems to be at the bottom of his own personal pecking order at the best of times?

Anyway, Boris Johnson didn’t turn up to his own hustings.

But Count Binface (RIP Lord Buckethead, the forces of copyright took you before your time) did!

Count Binface is running for Johnson’s seat as MP of Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

His platform includes resurrecting defunct TV info serviceCeefax and offering a people’s vote on a people’s vote. Cool stuff.

Labour candidate Ali Milani was also there, hoping to convince undecided voters to help him unseat Johnson as an MP.

On Twitter, he accused the PM of thinking he was “above accountability”.

On the eve of the election, as Johnson cowers in industrial fridges on live TV rather than answer the questions of daytime presenters, it’s hard to disagree.

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