A clip has resurfaced on the internet of Boris Johnson reciting the ancient Greek poem 'The Iliad' and has, in turn, caused a huge debate.

The clip which is from a 2013 event hosted in Melbourne, Australia and was filmed for the ABC show Big Ideas sees Johnson, who had just left his role as Mayor of London, break into an impromptu recital of the poem when asked what he does when he is in trouble.

Despite the clip being seven years old and Johnson mentioning his love of Greek philosophy and mythology whenever he gets a chance, it reemerged on Twitter on Tuesday, courtesy of the account 'Old Holborn' who was attempting to mock Labour supporters.

Regardless of whatever message this tweet is trying to convey, it has ended up backfiring with people pointing out that just because someone can speak Greek doesn't exactly make them a better politician (well, maybe if you are in Greece) as well as the problematic racial connotations of the tweet.

It has also been pointed out by people who can speak Greek that whatever Johnson is saying is complete nonsense.

Still, 'Old Holborn' seemed undisturbed by the backlash.

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