Boris Johnson slammed for 'defying reality' with his latest press conference

Boris Johnson slammed for 'defying reality' with his latest press conference

LBC presenter James O’Brien has taken a massive dig at Boris Johnson for his "despicable and ludicrous" coronavirus briefing.

In a passionate segment on his radio show on 17 July, O’Brien responded to the prime minister’s words from Number 10.

Johnson said he hoped for a return to "normality" in time for Christmas as he unveiled changes to the government's stance on working from home.

He said that from 1 August, people in England should return to work "if it is safe" and "provided employers have done the work they should have done to make their work places Covid-secure".

The prime minister said it was not for the government to tell employers if staff should return to their workplaces.

This update to the nation did not go down very well with everyone. Social media users were quick to brand it "confusing", at best.

On his show, O’Brien added that he was "less clear now than before [the PM] started speaking" about England's coronavirus response.

O’Brien said he almost "lost the will to live" when a journalist asked the prime minister what the message is for people who have been told they're not to return to work until January.

He went on to call the PM's response to coronavirus as "one of the most catastrophic responses on the entire planet" and questioned how he could stand in front of a country with 45,000 deaths and tell everyone it has been a great success.

He reflected:

These are the moments when you feel it slipping through your fingers, that semblance of reality, objectivity, truth that we've clearly taken advantage of for years.

He added that the PM congratulating the public on using their common sense "lays the groundwork for it all being our fault."

O’Brien explained his point further by saying: "his own hands steeped in the blood of British men and women, he's going to try and blame it on you.”

He said:

When reality begins to properly bite and the ludicrous despicable conduct of a proper Prime Minister claiming a triumph in the face of 45,000 deaths, when the gloss falls off he's already laid the groundwork for it to be our fault.

Here's to hoping the confusion ends sooner than later.

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