Most frequent word used to describe Boris Johnson is 'liar', poll finds

Most frequent word used to describe Boris Johnson is 'liar', poll finds
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The most common word used to describe Boris Johnson was “liar”, according to a new poll for The Times.

The survey conducted by J L Partners asked 2,000 people to share their view of the prime minister in a few words.

Almost three in four words were negative (72 per cent) while 16 per cent were positive.

The polling company was co-founded by Theresa May’s former pollster James Johnson, who shared the results to Twitter.

In a graphic shared to social media, Johnson revealed that other words used to describe the prime minister include “incompetent”, “untrustworthy” and “buffoon”.

Of the negative comments, one respondent wrote: “He was the right person to get Brexit done but now he needs to go, he is a liar and has broken the law we need a change.”

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Another said: “Stupid, bad hair, liar”.

“Utter anus,” another said.

Of the positive comments, one wrote: “He is a bit of a buffoon at times but in the Ukrainian war he has shown his metal”.

Another remarked: “He sorted Brexit, went through the pandemic, and now dealing with the war.”

Johnson commented that the Partygate scandal continues to dominate the public’s opinion of the prime minister.

The pollster wrote: “Fury has not receded. Many negative comments are by people who liked him previously but have now changed their minds.

“When Johnson first took power, only Labour voters would call him a liar. It is now widespread.”

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