Boris Johnson said he wants to treat Remainers as 'friends and equals' and people aren't happy

Boris Johnson said he wants to treat Remainers as 'friends and equals' and people aren't happy

In his New Year’s Day message, Boris Johnson has ple​dge​d to unite Remainers and work with them as “friends and equals”, which went down about as well as you’d expect.

The prime minister said he was “acutely aware” that millions of people did not vote for him despite his landslide election victory. He also thanked those who do not see themselves as natural Conservatives for backing his party.

He said:

I know that many of you do not consider yourself natural Tories and may only have lent me your vote. I am humbled by your support and will work every day to keep it. I am also acutely aware that there are millions of people who did not vote for me and were disappointed by the result.

If you are one of them, I want to reassure you that I will be a prime minister for everyone, not just those who voted for me. I know that you love this country no less, simply because you voted for another party or wanted to remain.

Infuriatingly, Johnson also rehashed lots of his slogans from the election, like that “oven-ready” Brexit catchphrase he loves so dearly. He said:

That oven-ready deal I talked about so much during the election campaign has already had its plastic covering pierced and been placed in the microwave.

Naturally, given how divisive UK politics has been, it’s going to take a lot more than a New Year’s Day message to make some people warm to the PM.

Remainers weren’t exactly keen on the some​what patronising language, and people also accused him of repeating “lies”.

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