For people who still want to remain in the EU, this week has been a bit of a bitter pill to swallow.

Not only is Boris Johnson prime minister, but Priti Patel is the most powerful woman (excluding perhaps the Queen) in the country, Dominic Raab is representing us on the world's stage and blast from the 1500s Jacob Rees-Mogg is leader of the House of Commons.

So, in summary: things have been better.

It is now being reported that Johnson has set up an all-male group of six senior ministers - including Michael Gove, Sajid Javid, Dominic Raab, Geoffrey Cox and Steve Barclay - which will meet every Monday with the sole task of delivering Brexit 'by any means necessary'.

So, in summary.

On Twitter, people took exception to Johnson's Brexit task force being describing as a "war cabinet".

People weren't about to let this ridiculous description go unchallenged.

Many pointed out that the UK is in fact at war with itself.

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