Boris Johnson lays his poppy wreath upside down during Remembrance Sunday service

Boris Johnson lays his poppy wreath upside down during Remembrance Sunday service

As is tradition on Remembrance Sunday, the UK's political leaders are welcomed to lay a wreath on the Cenotaph to honour those that have given their lives to serve the country in conflict.

This year was Boris Johnson's first time in the role since he became the prime minister so there would have been a lot of pressure on him to get the fairly basic task of placing a wreath on a monument correctly.

However, that wasn't the case as Johnson made not one but two glaring gaffes during the service.

Eagle-eyed viewers on Twitter noticed that Johnson firstly stepped out of line at the wrong moment. It is routine to wait for a member of the military to summon the leaders to the cenotaph.

Following that small but still embarrassing moment, Johnson then walked forward and laid his wreath down but didn't quite get that right either.

Somehow the prime minister managed to place the wreath upside down, with his handwritten message being at the bottom rather than the top.

Many Twitter users were quick to point out Johnson's gaffe and compare it to the outrage that Jeremy Corbyn experienced a few years ago when he wasn't deemed to have bowed his head enough, something which has reemerged again this year.

In another bizarre addition to this story, reports have suggested that BBC News has this morning broadcast footage from 2016 of Johnson laying the wreath rather than the footage from yesterday.

The BBC has since confirmed that this was a production error and have apologised for the mistake.

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