The scandal involving housing secretary Robert Jenrick and his relationship with Tory donor Richard Desmond has unearthed some truly bizarre photos of Desmond and Boris Johnson mucking about in a children's playground.

Jenrick has landed himself in hot water after it emerged that he had intervened and helped Desmond avoid paying between £30-£50m to Tower Hamlets Council in London for a housing redevelopment scheme that his firm was involved in at Westferry Printworks. According to the prime minister, he has spoken to Jenrick and now considers that matter to be closed despite there being calls for him to resign.

While the likes of Johnson and Jenrick are well known to the public, Desmond, who is the former owner of the Daily Express is a slightly more unknown quantity and has led to people unearthing a truly bizarre and dare we say, creepy, set of photos of him and Johnson visiting the Shadwell Community Project in east London in 2014 and playing with children on swings, as per The Docklands and East London Adviser.

Now, we don't want to alarm you but some of these photos are... something else.

Anyway...good luck trying to get some sleep tonight...

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