Boris Johnson refuses to say whether he'll resign if Conservatives don't win a majority

Despite the fact that Boris Johnson has been accused of “running scared” from an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil, the prime minister found time to squeeze in an interview with Sky’s Sophie Ridge.

During the interview, which covered topics ranging from the NHS to Brexit, Ridge pressed the prime minister on whether he’d step down as Conservative Party leader if he failed to win a majority in 12 December’s general election.

He didn’t exactly answer the question.

Johnson said:

I’m going to fight for every vote.

What I’m going to do is concentrate on the five days before us, because that is what the people of this country would expect.

Despite polls indicating a strong Tory lead, after the surprise result of 2017 – which saw Theresa May lose her working majority in the House of Commons despite polls putting the Tories far ahead of Labour – it seems that Johnson isn’t taking anything for granted.

With polls more volatile that ever before, there’s a high chance that Britain could be heading for a hung parliament for the third time in the last four elections. If this does happen, it'll be a big political blow to Johnson, who stands little chance of getting "Brexit done", or much else for that matter, without one.

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