Boris Johnson said the 'naughtiest' thing he's ever done is 'cycle on the pavement'

Boris Johnson said the 'naughtiest' thing he's ever done is 'cycle on the pavement'

Boris Johnson's political and personal life has been littered with scandals.

Remember the £45m he wasted on the Garden Bridge? Or that time he unlawfully suspended parliament? And the time he said, during a speech in China, that Britain invented ping pong? Or the string of racist and misogynistic and homophobic comments he's written in articles? And who would forget about the red bus £350m-a-week lie?

Well it turns out that none of these controversies are on the prime minister's radar.

Sky's Sophie Ridge asked Johnson the question that, since 2017, every politician has dreaded the most: "What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?"

This question became infamous after former prime minister Theresa May said, during an interview in 2017, that the "naughtiest" thing she'd ever done was "run through fields of wheat" in her youth.

When asked the same question by Ridge, after much umming and ahhing, the prime minister said:

I may sometimes have not always obeyed the law by cycling on the pavement.

I want you to know how firmly and strongly I disapprove of people who cycle on the pavement.

When Ridge repeated his words to him, saying "so the naughtiest thing you've ever done is cycle on the pavement?", Johnson clarified that this was the naughtiest thing he's ever done that he's willing to publicly admit.

Naturally, given his history of scandals and very public missteps, people weren't exactly thrilled with the PM's answer on social media.

Lots of people pointed out "naughtier" things that Johnson has done.

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