Boris Johnson has joined Snapchat.

The prime minister is encouraging people to “add” him. He said:

Add me on Snapchat to see what I’m up to as your prime minister.

There are a number of graphics on his page, including “My priorities” and “GET BREXIT DONE” along with some of his campaign promises including “better hospitals, 20,000 more police, improved schools, a strong economy.”

He also uploaded a picture meeting NHS staff in Manchester.

There’s even a BoJo Bitmoji

Needless to say, his decision to join the multimedia messaging app went down as you would expect

Some people pointed out that his Bitmoji looks like Ellen DeGeneres

The jokes descended on swift wings

With some more on the nose than others

One of his supporters, who describes himself as a "pensioner who's proud to be properly British" is confused about the app...

...Which is used to send images and gifs to friends and family

All in all...

Brexit is coming, prime minister. Maybe less social media and more governing?

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