BBC's Steph McGovern told Boris Johnson 'let's see who's in the job for longest'

BBC's Steph McGovern told Boris Johnson 'let's see who's in the job for longest'

We are well aware that Boris Johnson often runs into a spot of bother when he tries to meet the public, especially during his jaunts in northern England.

However, we never expected to see him heckled by a BBC News presenter but, after all, this is 2019 and almost anything can seemingly happen.

During a trip to Rotherham on Friday, the prime minister came under scrutiny from none other than BBC presenter Steph McGovern, who took the prime minister down just moments after he had spoken on stage to members of the public.

As she returned to the stage, walking past Johnson in the process, McGovern told the audience:

Thank you very much there to our Northern Powerhouse minister and the prime minister there.

Can you just put your hands together to say thanks to them?

I’d just like to point out – I am a girly swot and I’m proud of it. Let’s see who’s in their job the longest.

McGovern's outburst elicited a round of applause and raucous laughter from the crowd but we cannot be certain if Johnson heard what she said as he had already disappeared backstage.

Still, her reference to Johnson reportedly calling David Cameron a 'girly swot' may have gone down like a barrel of laughs but she did later feel the need to apologise.

On Twitter, the 37-year-old said:

At a non BBC event I was hosting today, I made a light hearted remark after the Prime Minister’s speech.

Sorry that this caused offence to some. That was absolutely not my intention.

People have since come out in support fo McGovern and told that she doesn't have to apologise at all and that they found it funny.

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